Tips on Diversification in Ecommerce by Alex Leal

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For this series of podcast episodes I interviewed Alex Leal, a very experienced ecommerce seller who specializes in selling on different platforms including a very big Latin online marketplace.
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My name is Aleksejs Leal. I’ve been selling over 7 years different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Mercado Libre for 2 years of experience and I also have a Fulfillment Center which basically fulfills for all my Amazon stores. I also have few private labels, some supplements, some other categories.

In this interview Alex is sharing why it’s so important to diversify and sell on multiple platforms.Sometimes it’s overwhelming but the time we are right now in prices or huge changes it’s always works up for me. Because now let’s say I am in a different category, I am in a different platform so some platform doing well, some categories do it really well, some of them are not doing well and that because I’m diversifying, I’m basically I’m good, I’m not suffering in any. So, when everybody’s doing well doing diversification kind of overwhelms you because it’s to many things in to many niches, to many categories, to many platforms and you can get overwhelmed, but are you still good. Maybe not doing extremely good because it’s to many things but when the downside comes like in this case this pandemic because I’ve been diversifying to so many things I’m doing really well. Because one of the categories one of the platforms are doing really well so it covers all the losses on their side and it happened to me many times in my business experience. Always there is up’s and down’s when you are well diversified. It’s like very similar to compare with a portfolio stock. There’s always advisors recommend you to have a bond some percentage of your portfolio bonds so when stocks goes down you have something that leverage that. Same thing with the business. You should always diversify into different products, different categories, different platforms. So, when something goes down in one of the things you have something that covers.

You may find Alex on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and also at Wizards of Amazon facebook group