Signing Exclusivity Contracts with Brands by Alex Leal

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For this series of podcast episodes I interviewed Alex Leal, a very experienced ecommerce seller who specializes in selling on different platforms including a very big Latin online marketplace.
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My name is Aleksejs Leal. I’ve been selling over 7 years different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Mercado Libre for 2 years of experience and I also have a Fulfillment Center which basically fulfills for all my Amazon stores. I also have few private labels, some supplements, some other categories.

In this interview Alex and I were talking about different aspects of selling on Amazon including reselling products bought from wholesalers. And this tip is about creating exclusivity contract with brands that are new to Amazon or need some serious improvement on the platform. So basically, if you want to help a brand to improve their product listings and promote their products on Amazon, it is important to create some sort of exclusivity contract with them.

– What is the most important thing that you going be putting in the contract?

– One of the things number one – to have a control over the transparency legal. You want to make sure that it’s transparency legal. It’s a little bit kicky? because transparency legal is the record for brand but there is the way to basically you can tell the brand to the communication with the transparency legal department you going have, so that’s one control. Second – make sure that you have a three-year contract because first 6 month it’s going to be all work and no money. So are the one of people just have a one-year contracts – six-month work and then six months making some money doesn’t work for me. So, three-years contract. Of course, I have two platform and I’m going say one year I’m not going sale anything that need to be some numbers, which is also, protected to your brand. Thay can walk away there is no sales. I also going do which I didn’t do with the Private Label thing all the images that you going to do for the brand optimization, all the images that you provide, all the images going be using in the listing the mine. So, anybody jumped to a listing they cannot use my images. So that’s the only thing I want to make sure it’s in the contract.

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