Purging a List by Carlos Alvarez

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Hey, what’s up? This is Carlos from wizardsofamazon.com and bluebirdmarketingsolutions.com . And my tip today has to do with purging your lists. I’m a huge fan of email marketing, yes email marketing, email is not dead. But whether were talking about email marketing or a messenger bot list on many chats, purging your list is extremely important.

These tools first of all charge you based on the amount of people you have in them or on your lists and I’ve seen time and time again clients friends fellow wizards of Amazon of the Meetup Group all bloated lists of like 10,000 people on my 10,000 people you must be doing really good, but they haven’t opened right that’s next to nothing. So, the way I approach purging my lists to simultaneously realize actually how many active people and quality leads I have on this list, but also to keep my costs down on many chat and whatever email marketing tool you’re using is I use automation specifically scoring. So what happens when somebody gets on my list, they will have a score of let’s say 5 based on whatever action they took to get on that list and then as time goes on they based on every time I send an email to they open it to get five more points, if they don’t open it they maybe get – 2 points and if I send them a link to get on a trivia quiz polar contest and I’m running it might give them 20 points or if it’s something or I’m selling something and they actually buy it which is a big deal for me, I might give him a big chunk of points, but even though somebody can really run up high on a bunch of points maybe they lose interest with my brand. And if you don’t do the minus side of the point, let’s say they don’t open your next 150 emails for the next 2 years, you just have a super expensive Excel sheet. You don’t have an in an email marketing lists are already email list that you can mark it too. So, you have an overpriced the glorified Excel sheet is what you have at that point. So, what I do is when somebody reaches negative 30 points, they’re automatically removed from my list. So that does two things it calls the people that are not active and it also lowers my cost per month and keeps my lists very lean. I really hope this helps me a huge fan of email marketing and a messenger bot list, so I look forward to maybe giving you some tips in the future surrounding this topic. So, I hope that helps.