What are Popular Stay-at-Home Activities

New consumer survey from Comscore has revealed the list of the most popular stay-at-home activities during COVID-19 quarantine. I wanted to share about the activities that have a significant surge in younger age group (18 to 34 years old). While you may guess that watching TV and playing video games is among them, I wanted to mentioned the activities that could have an influence on your ecommerce business. Cooking food is one of such quarantine activities. Browsing for interesting recipes online and buying the ingredients on the Internet adds on to a surge of online grocery shopping. Buying items online in general is up, and that includes everything from clothing to supplies. Many seem to get inspired and started exercising and working out, lead to an increase in demand for various home workout equipment and supplies. And last but not least is an increase of demand for online courses and classes. Many sports gear and athletic apparel companies and even gyms have been trying to stay relevant to their customers by publishing engaging home exersise content. Company like Peloton that offers $2,000-plus stationary bike has been streaming free yoga and body strength classes in their Peloton app. Many workout mobile apps are reporting a surge of a demand for their services. Another athletic apparel giant Nike has waived their monthly fee to their training app indefinitely trying to attract more customers.